Friday, September 3, 2010

Role Play - Teacher

Samuel the teacher - Recently he likes to be 'teacher' and we are his 'students'.

Samuel: Let me tell you story.
Mummy: Ok!
Samuel: I am teacher, you are baby.
Mummy: erhm..I am children.

Brings out his story book.....he goes...

Samuel: Say..."Fruits"....
Mummy: Fruits...
Samuel: This is pineapple
Mummy: Teacher...wrong...This is a Pear! Waaahaahaaa

He is so adorable when he is role playing 'teacher'! He is mimicking his school teachers. He even 'distribute' worksheets(rough papers) to us.

I am enjoying every bits of his growing up and have to embrace his nonsenses (Tantrum/sulking/demands)...oh well, it is a package deal of having children.


ling said...

he is so cute :)

Kushuka said...

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