Friday, September 3, 2010

Role Play - Teacher

Samuel the teacher - Recently he likes to be 'teacher' and we are his 'students'.

Samuel: Let me tell you story.
Mummy: Ok!
Samuel: I am teacher, you are baby.
Mummy: erhm..I am children.

Brings out his story book.....he goes...

Samuel: Say..."Fruits"....
Mummy: Fruits...
Samuel: This is pineapple
Mummy: Teacher...wrong...This is a Pear! Waaahaahaaa

He is so adorable when he is role playing 'teacher'! He is mimicking his school teachers. He even 'distribute' worksheets(rough papers) to us.

I am enjoying every bits of his growing up and have to embrace his nonsenses (Tantrum/sulking/demands)...oh well, it is a package deal of having children.

Monday, August 30, 2010

1st visit to Eye Centre & Dentist

Last weekend (2 weeks before his 3rd birthday), he had his 1st visit to eye centre and dentist for checks.

Review from Dental Visit: His baby teeth are all out and the dentist gave clearance for his teeth condition, no decay and helps to remove a slight stain on his 2 front tooths! :)

I was prepared to hear a crying & trembling Samuel but he did not cry at all, thumbs UP! He lie down on the arm chair on his own and let the dentist checked his teeth. Only has to continue to brush his teeth everyday which he is already doing it.

Review from Eye Centre: He has astigmatism of 400/each eye, slight long sightedness in his right eye and squirt on his left eyes – tends to squirt out and up.
Verdict: He has to wear glasses to correct his vision!!

My heart sank upon hearing this piece of news although we were prepared way before the visit as he went to see my optometrist friend at the optical shop for a test prior to KKH Eye Centre. No amount of preparation helps in preparing me to face this piece of news, imagine a toddler at age 3 having to wear glasses(and it could be for long term basis).

What causes Astigmatism?
The cause of astigmatism is often not known. Astigmatism is usually present from birth. A small degree of astigmatism is considered normal and usually does not require any correction.
Rarely astigmatism may be caused by chronic vigorous eye rubbing (such as in children with allergic conjunctivitis) or by cornea diseases such as keratoconus.
How do I correct my Astigmatism?
Astigmatism can be corrected with corrective lenses such as in spectacles or contact lenses. These vision aids help to focus the light entering the eye onto the retina. Other ways to correct astigmatism include refractive surgery options such as LASIK and implantable contact lenses.
Symptoms of Astigmatism in children
· Distorted or blurred image at all distances. More on
blurred vision.
· Children may tilt or turn their head to get a clearer image. It results in headache or tired eyes.
· Inability to see objects, both near and far, without squinting.
· Discomfort or irritation in eyes.
· Difficulty focusing on printed words or lines.

Causes of Astigmatism in Children
Under normal conditions, eyes are spherical in shape. The cornea is smooth and equally curved in all planes. The light that enters the cornea is focused equally in all directions. Since, it refracts evenly, it forms a clear image of the object. Change in corneal shape gives rise to astigmatism. It occurs when the front surface of cornea is curved more in one direction than in the other. The cornea takes the shape of a football or the back of a spoon. When light enters the cornea, it gets refracted more in one direction than in the other. This forms the image of only a part of the object at one time. Objects, placed at any distance, appear blurry and wavy. Astigmatism occurs mainly due to genetic predisposition. It may also develop as a result of some sort of traumatic eye injury or surgery.

For now, he needs his pair of glasses so that he can see clearer so that this will not be a stumbling block to his learning abilities. No more squeezing of the eyes when he watches tv or when he looks at objects or people. At least comforting to hear that this can be remedied via aids and it is not life threatening.

Still….I choose to praise God in all situation & circumstances, knowing God is in control. God is good all the time and ALL the time, God is good!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Simple Pleasures in Life

Simple pleasure in life makes him excited:

1. Half boiled eggs for b/f with bread, he loves his wholemeal bread w/ no trimming off the skin! (Last i heard he fought w/ my maid for the top/bottom ends of the bread!)

2. Roti Prata
3. Curry Chicken (he is learning to eat spicer food..bravo!)

4. Trip to the playgrounds downstairs
(on & off, he still try his luck, asked if he can go FIDGETS...i told him we can go again if he can 'poo' sitting on the toilet bowl! He still has to poo in his pull up pants!!!)

5. Visits to toy shops even if no buying....he is ok with that!

6. Loves watching Noddy and Tom & Jerry cartoons now...those are classic ones which I used to watch during my childhood time.

The list goes on.... and yes, still as cheeky as ever and he agrees, Cheeky Boy!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

22 months old....

Pictures of Sam above to share…he has his haircut last Sunday, brave boy…no crying although he has his initial fear and almost wanted to ‘back out’. His pony tail still in tag, we aren’t going to trim off till he goes to P1. :)
How time flies…it’s been 5mths since my last post. Many things has happened, both at work and home but 1 thing is for sure, my boy has not stopped growing…he is a ‘big boy’ now! Turning 3 yrs old in 2 months time. I have been really busy at work due to some role restructuring but am glad for the change, to a certain extent, I pretty like changes, changes for the good definitely!

In April, we had our family trip to Phuket, Sam had his first deep sea experience, we went snorkeling and of cos’ he was ‘thrilled’ to bits that he is afraid of beach/swimming …hahahahaa! He enjoyed the sand play though and I hope to have another beach holiday soon! *hint hint* Samuel daddy…if you reading this!

I had a mini holiday with my mum, my twin, our primary sch friend and my colleague to BKK recently…a good break away from the hustle & bustle of work and family. All ladies trip, it was good although I felt sick on the day before we depart and ended up doing a lot of massage sessions and of cos’ shopping trips here & there. I still love to shop, eat and enjoy the thai massages a lot, will definitely go back again.

Samuel is pretty much adventurous in term of food, he is willing to try out new stuff. Over the weekend, we went for our prata ‘fix’ again, happen to be Samuel’s favourite too! This time round, we ordered mutton curry and requested him to try. With an initial hesitation, he pluck up the courage to try, asked for his water bottle on standby, he chewed the meat, tender and a little spicy…and down the water immediately after swallowing that chuck of meat, that wasn’t the end of cos’….he ate 2 more pcs thereafter. Well done…Spice baby!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

February 22, 2010: Cooking Craze ...

This is for Samuel’s ardent fans…

Lately He is into his ‘cooking craze’ again. Every day after school, he will immediate come home and wants to play his cooking toys…I think those were the best value for money toys we have invested. Yesterday after church service when we picked him up at N2, he was playing cooking alone at 1 corner while a volunteer helper looks on. When he saw me, he told me, ‘I cooking beef stew!’….he looks so happy in his own world of kitchen.

Friday, January 29, 2010

January 28, 2010: Bitten by a fierce classmate

Samuel is adapting well in school finally, this week was pretty much a breeze, no more whining and he seems to enjoy going school. He has however picked up a bad habit, everyday come home from school will cry and asked for biscuits! Am still cracking my brain how to break that habit or to let it be. Afterall, he will still polish off his bowl of macaroni/porridge or pasta soup.

Yesterday he came home with a ‘bite mark’ on his temple, grrrrh…whoever did that was really fierce and horrible. His teacher called me to inform that he was bitten by his classmate, apparently they were snatching toys and the end result is this. Hope this is the 1st and last of such violent act, not to his "porcelain" looking face pls. *hee* *hee*

Friday, January 15, 2010

January 15, 2010 On the road to recovery ....

Samuel has missed school for 6 days, he should be able to return to school next Monday. Our morning conversation before I left for work...

Samuel: Mummy wear shoes...
Mummy: Mummy going where?
Samuel: Mummy go work
Mummy: Why Samuel never go school?
Samuel: I sick, cannot go school
Mummy: Samuel take car or bus go school?
Samuel: Take bus go school!!

So smart, at least he associated sick cannot go school...hopefully after this 1 week break, he can still adjust well to going back to school.

His current favourite question to ask, "What's this?" driving me nuts! He kept on repeating same question even if we have answered him. Am waiting for next round of "What's this?" throw him back this question...hiak hiak...learnt from some experienced mummies...hope it works!